BroLee Is A Senior

BroLee is officially a senior in high school! To celebrate, we went out and did some senior pictures at the high school and around downtown Clinton. BroLee was an excellent subject to photograph! He made this shoot extremely easy for me. MomLee attended the shoot as well and assisted as our on-site stylist. Making sure …

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What We Believe

If you look at the top of this webpage you will notice that this blog covers 3 types of topics. The first being faith. Justin and I are Christians and our faith is very important to us. In today’s world saying you are Christian though doesn’t really clarify much other than you believe in Jesus …

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Why I Go To Church

To me, Church is essential. My family introduced me┬áto church when I was little. Some of my oldest memories are of me trying to sleep under pews during service. For a while when I was little my family stopped going to church. Thankfully though, a local church had a bus ministry that came to my …

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