Do You Have The Right Role Models?

Do You Have The Right Role Models?

We all have role models. They may change over the years, but we all look up to someone. Trying to live a life similar to theirs, in the hopes of having a similar outcome. Take a minute to think about some of your role models now. Do you look up to an athlete? What about an actor or a well-known business person? Maybe your parents or some else who has had an impact on your life? If you are a Christian did you have any Christian role models on your list? While an athlete or businessman may be great at what they do how have they lived their lives according to God’s word?

The Importance of Role Models

As a Christian, your eyes should not be set on fame and fortune. Instead our eyes should be focused on serving God. It is not bad to be well known or have a decent amount of money in the bank. It’s actually a blessing. Sadly the truth is that chasing money and status tends to ruin lives. Even worse is that in the end those things will not last and you will have to stand at the judgment seat without them. What if we decided to pick Christian role models. People who have lived great lives serving God. People who lived a life like the Bible teaches.

We could, of course, choose Christians from recent history to look up too. Like Pastors, elders, authors, or people who have lived for God through their whole lives. I believe though that our best role models can come from the Bible itself. While we may try to avoid some downfalls in people’s lives the Bible pulls no punches. It shows us many people at their worst and at their best. Many of the people in the Bible had to overcome sin in their life. Some characters can even show us how not to live our lives and what happens when we step out of the will of God. I want to share what I believe to be some great Biblical role models and why you should try to live a life similar to theirs.


Before he was King David, he was just young David, son of Jesse. Even though David was young and small he didn’t fear because he knew God was with him. He fought a lion to protect his flock. Defeated an enemy, Goliath, that no one else had been able to and he did it with just a sling and a stone. He even went on to write many of the Psalms. David’s life was not all accolades though.

David spent years on the run from Saul. Worried about the King’s intentions to kill him. All through that time he did not blame God for his circumstance. Instead he found strength in knowing that his God was with him. Later in life David fell to sin and committed adultery with a married women. He then attempted to cover up the illegitimate child. When that didn’t work he made a plan for the woman’s husband to die in battle. Due to David’s sin, his son fell ill and died. Many people would hate God and stop serving him. Instead David realized it was his fault. He also knew that God still loved him and was willing to forgive him for his sin.

All of David’s story has the potential to make him a great role model. When we work in God’s will all things are possible. No matter how big the adversary may seem to us God is bigger. We also need to realize that no one is perfect. We are all likely to fall to sin on our life’s. Just as David did. That sin may cause consequences in our life’s. We can’t blame God for what we have done. We also need to remember that just because we have sinned does not mean that God doesn’t want to forgive us.


Jonah is the perfect example of a role model whose life you do not want to imitate. He was called by the Lord to preach to the people of Nineveh. The people of Nineveh where gentiles and unworthy of hearing from the Lord in the eyes of the Jews. Instead of adhering to the calling God had placed on his life Jonah ran. Jonah was not on the run for long though. The Lord caught him and once again commanded him to go to Nineveh. After he spoke to the people they fell into mourning and honored God. This caused God to not destroy their city.

Jonah was not happy about them being saved since they were gentiles. He complained to God and went up on the hill to watch the town. He hoped to see them return to sin. God provided a plant for shade and the next day took it away. This troubled Jonah more then the thought of the city of Nineveh being destroyed.

Jonah is one of the best Christian role models to show you how not to live. If God puts a calling on your life you must follow it. We should actually strive for a calling from the Lord. Even if that calling is to go to people you do not agree with. Christians should be people of love and not hate. We should not hope for the destruction of others. We should live to open the eyes of the Lost to God’s glory and not allow our pleasure to become more important.

Jesus Christ

Some people may tell you that you should not try to live your life like Jesus. Because he was perfect, without sin and we are the opposite. We are flawed and all born into sin. That’s not wrong, we will never be able to live a life just as Jesus did. That doesn’t mean He should not be one of our role models. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul even says “And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.”

I truly believe that Jesus should be the biggest role model in our lives. Jesus lived that life that all Christians should strive to live. He came to help and not judge. Spent time in prayer and fasting. Was able to resist the temptation of the devil and rebuttal with scripture. Sacrificed His life so that all people could find life through Him.

So when it comes down to the decisions we make in life we need to ask ourselves that old question WWJD. What would Jesus do? How would Jesus approach this subject? What does the Bible say? Jesus is the foundation of the Christian faith. So we should attempt to model our lives after His. To learn about how Jesus approached difficult situations spend time reading the gospels. They hold the knowledge of how to navigate this tricky life straight from the only one to have done it without sin.

Does It Really Matter?

It would be easy to question if having the right role models really matters. That ultimately depends on your beliefs. I believe that we are instructed through God’s word to live a life in the world, but not of the world. Even though we live after the dispensation of grace we still must strive to follow the rules put in place by God. Not with a mind set of I am only good because I want to go to Heaven, but because we want to show honour to the one who created us.

Since the Bible instructs us to live a life outside of the temptations of the world. Picking only role models that live just for this world is not a good choice. We have all heard that you are who are friends are. I would venture to say you become who you look up too. Repeated exposure to something begins to change how you perceive it. So to see sin over and over in a different light than that cast from the Bible will cause issues in life. Knowing who I want to be in Christ, I know for sure that I want to pick role models that lived a great life serving the Lord. Keeping the word and staying away from the temptation of sin.

You Are A Role Model

Even if you are not aware someone is probably looking up to you. Whether it is a child, sibling, other family members, a friend, co-worker, or just someone you see on occasion. You could be shaping the life of another person based on your actions. If that is the case it is important you keep the right mentors in your life, so that those looking up to you see God working in you.

Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

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