Create Family Goals For 2019

2019 is upon us and as we all know that comes with making resolutions. Resolutions are great and help many people change their lives every year. We recently published an article all about new year’s resolutions. If you have not seen that then be sure to check it out here. While resolutions are great they are often broken or forgotten about later in the year. A better option, in my opinion, is to create family goals.

Only about 10% of people say they feel like they successful keep their resolution throughout the year. I believe this is because of the types of resolutions we make. Many people make a resolution to work out every day in the New Year. Life is definitely going to get in the way of you completing that resolution. No one wants to go to the gym sick or after they had to stay really late at work. Once you miss one day you are going to lose your motivation and probably give up. What if you set a goal for the year instead of a resolution to do something daily. If you had the goal to work out more, which wouldn’t take much for most of us. Then if you miss a day you are still motivated to continue another day.

Setting goals for the year is a great way to accomplish things every year. Unlike resolutions, goals can be anything. Resolutions are normally about making yourself better or changing your life. Goals can really be anything from a goal to visit a new place or just eating better. Goals are still similar to resolutions in some aspects though. It is still easy to give up on your goal or decided not to complete it. One great way to stop this is by creating family goals for the new year.

Why Set Family Goals?

Accountability makes a huge impact on the way we do things. We follow laws because we know we will be held accountable if we break them. Creating family goals helps you to hold each other accountability throughout the year. Every family is a team and has the ability to work together to accomplish a common goal. For instance, say your family decides they want to see a new place in 2019. You may start to think it is not going to happen, but you know that everyone else is relying on you. So you decided not to drop it but to find a way to make it happen.

Having family goals is not just about accountability though. Through this process, you will be helping each other accomplish your set goals. Working towards a common goal will strengthen your relationship. Sharing common family goals creates a reason to spend time together. These are all things that every family is looking to gain. Depending on your goals incredible experiences are bound to follow.

Family Goal Ideas

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions is normally a pretty easy task. You can come up with them all on your own and they really only affect you. Creating family goals can be a little harder. They require you to consult the whole family. You need to find goals that will appeal to everyone. Preferably things that everyone will enjoy. Bellow, we will share a few of our goals for 2019. Hopefully, they will inspire you to come up with goals that fit your unique family dynamic.

Spend More Time Together

This is obliviously the easiest one to complete and that’s why it is listed first. Just by trying to accomplish a set of goals as a family you are going to spend more time together. It has to be on a list of family goals though. What family thinks I wish we would spend less time together. Well maybe some teenagers, but we all know they love their family. As we get older we all see the importance of family time. So we are definitely going to do our best to have more family time throughout 2019.

Read The Bible As a Family

Nothing can bring together a family like the Lord. We always try to read our Bibles every day, but it is rare that we read them out loud together. You may wonder how reading your Bible as a family is any different. Going through the word with a few people allows for thoughts to be worked out and questions to be shared. If you have smaller children this can be a great way to introduce and expose them to the word of God.

Learn Something New as a Family

We all have our own interests and hobbies. All those things require to constantly be learning new things to get the most out of them. The first year LaBre and I met, we started the tradition of learning something new. Our first official goal as a couple was to bike approximately half of the Virginia Creeper Trail. This required us to learn how to bike off paved paths and how to endure a long distance bike ride. Our second year as a couple, we learned about kayaking and how to use a DSLR camera and a Mirrorless camera. And finally, this last year we have learned a lot about how to run this website.  Taking the time to learn these things together has helped us create many memories together. Not only that but also allow us to learn from each other as well.

Visit New Places

If you poke around this website for a little bit you will quickly learn that we really like to visit new places. Seeing new things is always fun. Seeing them with family is even better. Getting to see your favorite people faces in awe of a spectacular scape in front of them is priceless. I am sure they enjoy seeing you in awe just as much. These new places do not have to be far away. You would probalby be surprised by how much you have not seen that is in your own backyard. You just have to make seeing new things a priority in your life. Often time visit a new place can be surprisingly affordable. So make these a one of your family goals and get out there and see something new this year.

How To Actually Complete Them

The hardest part of New Year’s resolutions every year is keeping them. While your family goals should be easier to keep it is still going to require some work. Thankfully there are a few easy ways to almost guarantee you accomplish your goals. One of the easiest just comes from making family goals in the first place. We already talked about it some but it is the accountability that comes from doing things as a team. Having your family to rely on gives you the support you need to keep working towards your goals.

Post your family goal list in a place that everyone will see it daily. Seeing your goals every day will keep that at the forefront of your mind. Many people do not complete their goals because they simply forget about them. Along with keeping your goals in front of you daily, scheduling is key. If you want to work out more as a family finds a time and day that will work best for everyone. Then simply add it to everyone’s schedule this will help you to always keep up with your goal.

Just do not give yourself an out. A lot of people simply find a reason to not complete their goal every year. This could be thinking it is dumb or that it would be too hard. Do n’t let your family adopt that attitude. Working together as a strong family unit, anything can be accomplished. Just keep your motivation up. If you can stay dedicated to your goal you are bound to complete them before the year is over.

Thanks For Reading!

Throughout this article, we used the word family. We just want to mention here that family means different things to different people. If your friends are your family then this applies to them too. We also hope that this has inspired you to create some family goals for 2019. If it has then please let us know some of your goals in the comments below. Again thank you for so much for reading. We hope you have a great rest of your day and God Bless!

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